Hello world!

Welcome to MegaComicsGroup.com. This is our first post on the new site. As we grow we hope the catch a lot of the flavor of the old 2008-2020 site while introducing a lot of new ideas and sharing things we have learned along the way. So get ready, jump in and hang on!

Back in the day we began with daily and eventually weekly updates. The idea of the site was simple… I wanted a place to host the comics I worked on back in the early ’90’s black and white independent market.  Legacy Comics, as we dubbed it, came in at the close of the Black & White Independent Boom of the late eighties which was kicked off by the legendary, original Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles in 1984. There was also a couple other companies I participated before that: Dimension Graphics who made anice splash in the market with 

There were three comic book titles which was the equivalent of ten, 32 page comic books. We even had some new material first published on the web site. It was sometime just before 2020 the decision was made to go in a new direction. But first there was and unintended four year hiatus.